Malevolent Audio Systems

Our mission is to transcend the conventional boundaries of sound and technology strategically applying the principles of neo-liberal extraction to unlock new dimensions of influence. We strive to provide innovative services, cutting-edge products, and advanced technologies that empower. We are driven by the pursuit of manipulating auditory experience, enabling us to wield a meaningful impact upon individuals and collectivities



  1. Affective Audio Products We design and manufacture a range of high-quality audio products in a variety of formats. Our products are built with the latest technologies to deliver unparalleled depth, clarity and interest. We are open to new collaborations who are interested in releasing their work with us. See our demo policy here. Areas of specialism include sound design, new music, bass music, post-punk, noise, spoken word, field recording, critical music, acousmatic, spectralism, dark ambient, avant-electro &c. Please get in touch.
  2. Advanced Affective Systems We offer a range of immersive sonic systems meticulously designed to transport listeners into heightened states of consciousness. By leveraging binaural audio, psychoacoustic techniques and advanced signal processing, we create audio-visual environments that induce intellectual introspection and unlock hidden realms of cognition.

Technologies Relating to Neo-Liberal Extraction

  1. Cognitive Audio Analytics Our proprietary cognitive audio analytics leverage machine learning and data-driven insights to unravel the intricate relationship between sound and cognition. By analyzing vast datasets, we gain profound insights into the human psyche, allowing us to shape auditory experiences that resonate with deep-seated desires, motivations, and thought patterns.
  2. Personalized Neuro-Adaptive Artificial Soundscapes Building upon the principles of neo-liberal extraction, we utilize adaptive sound technologies that respond dynamically to individuals' neurocognitive states. By capturing real-time physiological and cognitive signals, we curate personalized soundscapes that foster intellectual engagement, creative flow, and enhanced cognitive performance.
  3. Sonic Advertising / Subliminal Semantic Embedding Leveraging advanced semantic embedding techniques, we discreetly embed layered meanings and concepts within audio content. These subliminal messages subtly influence perception, cognition and decision-making processes.

At Malevolent Audio Systems, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of audio technology while utilising neo-liberal extraction principles and manipulating auditory experience. We embark on a sonic odyssey, exploring the profound connections between sound, cognition and human experience. Through our services, products, and technologies, we invite discerning individuals and collectivities to join us on a transformative journey of exploration and to embrace the enigmatic allure of audition.